Taxi driver allegedly commits suicide

Dead, Sewdath Persaud

The lifeless body of a taxi driver was on Thursday morning found crouched in a sitting position at his mother’s Edingburg, East Bank Berbice home.

Dead is Sewdath Persaud, also called “Stiky”, 52, of Lot 1025 Glasgow New Housing Scheme, New Amsterdam, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne). The discovery was made by the man’s 16-year-old son.

Dead, Sewdath Persaud

His mother, Narmaline Persaud, recalled taking the now dead man to the New Amsterdam Hospital on Friday where he was admitted a patient.

However, on Wednesday he came to her home claiming that he had taken a self-discharge because he was in too much pain.

According to Persaud, her son was a diabetic and one of his feet began to swell and pain forcing him to ask her to accompany him to the hospital on Friday.

The dead taxi driver’s 16-year-old son said he got up to use the washroom and decided to check on his father but did not see him in the bedroom. “I start looking around for him and as I was passing the step I see him hanging”, the son stated.

He immediately informed his grandmother but she was too overwhelmed to go close. He explained that an electric cord was wrapped around his father’s neck which was tied to a bar on the window. The distraught young man went to inform his older brother and they went to the Police station to make a report.

Persaud had been a taxi driver for the past 30 years. He leaves to mourn his mother and two children. He and his wife separated more than a decade ago.



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