Take your responsibility to the people of Guyana seriously – President Granger urges APNU/AFC MPs

President David Granger

Guyana’s President David Granger has said that the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) coalition is bigger than any “party and individual politicians” and urged members to work hard to create a better life for all citizens.
During a meeting with coalition Members of Parliament on Wednesday at the Ministry of the Presidency, the head of state used the opportunity to reiterate his commitment to ensuring that LGEs are held every three years as constitutionally required, to ensure that the people of Guyana are actively involved in the affairs of the country.

President David Granger
President David Granger

The President said he was confident that the coalition is capable of delivering a better quality of governance to the people of Guyana. He reminded MPs that Government is a month away from presenting the 2016 Budget and called on the Members of Parliament to continue to engage in a process of national consultation so that the needs of the people can be adequately addressed.
The Head of State noted that for the coalition to work, each member must work hard for the next five years and beyond. The six-party coalition will be contesting the upcoming Local Government Elections (LGEs) as a single unit.



  1. In previous years you all from freeDOMBhouse were enjoying life,that is the 3% who deposited government money into personal accounts, Creep it’s time you think Guyanese and stop your bull,,,too bad for you and the 40 thieves,,,,Guyanese had a great Christmas,they were spending what they work for ,,NOT DRUGS MONEY that was floating around,,,

  2. It’s a shame that this Defacto President has to remind his MP’s to deliver to the people. After all they had a 50% pay hike. One would think that they will do some work at this stage. It’s all doom and gloom since this Coalition took office. Christmas came and went however Guyanese did not celebrate in grand style unlike previous years under the PPP/C.

  3. Mr president can u please take a look in region 2 the region police force is so high corrupted and you promise the people there if u get elected u will remove the police commander who is the cause of the high corruption in that region but u never did. So can you please fulfill your promise please

  4. Old boy like we looking at an early elections, another change of government back to suffering. You better take a deeper look at Minister Patterson, they PPP supporters are destroying him.

  5. This comment suggests Granger thinks ministers are not taking their responsibilities seriously. After giving themselves 50% raise they’re now impotent.

  6. There is a very wide gap between this Regime and the people.No body in this Regime cares about the people of this Country except their own interest.What a shame.


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