Take back your communities and shame those who dump garbage – Environment Min. urges

A section of the gathering at the workshop.
A section of the gathering at the workshop.

[www.inewsguyana.com]Minister with responsibility for the environment, Robert Persaud is urging residents to form community groups to assist in ridding the country of excess garbage and to “name and shame” those persons who dump refuse indiscriminately.

The Minister made these remarks at an Environmental Group Workshop held at the Georgetown Club on Friday, December 6. According to Persaud, while the country awaits the holding of local government elections, community groups need to take action immediately at the local level to deal with the issue of garbage.

“I want to encourage groups, encourage associations that they need to get involved and to take back our communities in that regard…to name and shame those amongst us who are involved,” Minister Persaud said.

Persaud reiterated that everyone has a role to play in erasing the shame and fixing the problem. In this regard, he explained the need for citizens to change their attitude, given the fact that most persons are guilty of dumping waste indiscriminately.

The Environment Minister agreed that the solid waste issue is one which requires a very integrated and holistic approach. He explained in details the steps which his Ministry has taken in tackling the problem.

These include strengthening legislation, toughen enforcement and prosecute persons.




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