‘Take all precautions during Christmas shopping’, Crime Chief urges citizens


As the Christmas Season fast approaches, and more so the hectic Christmas shopping in the capital city of Georgetown, Crime Chief Lyndon Alves has urged shoppers to be very careful and take all the necessary precautions as they go about their business.

The warning came earlier this week at the GPF’s annual Police Presentation.

Women are especially being cautioned against carrying what would make them an easy target. A bag that dangles from the shoulder can be easily yanked off a person’s shoulder, he said. He advised that bags be carried close to the body and well tucked in.

The Police Force has stated its readiness to provide protection for citizens during the festive season. 

 “Large sums of cash should be moved under security escort,” Alves advised, as many times persons would complain of being robbed while moving huge amounts of money.

For business persons, the Force has called for checks to be made to Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems to ensure they are properly working. In fact, the Force is encouraging that Digital Video Recorder (DVRs) be properly secured to preserve valuable information.

Advice was also issued for the visitors in the capital city. “Carry your wallet in an inside jacket or inside trousers pocket. Avoid rear pockets. Keep purses on your lap when dining out. Not dangling over the back of a chair.” 

At the same event, the GPF announced plans to heighten security for Christmas. A Division (Georgetown-East Bank Demerara) Commander Marlon Chapman noted, “We want to ensure that the citizens and other persons who will be in the Division for the season be as safe as possible in doing transactions even (if it’s) just a visit or whatever.”

According to Chapman, Police patrols and outposts around the city will be boosted in a bid to ensure a secure shopping environment.

He revealed that part of the efforts to ensure increased safety is the splitting of Georgetown into seven sub-sections as compared to six last year.

These sub-sections run from Agricola, Greater Georgetown to Georgetown.
The areas will be equipped with mobile outposts and frequent patrols will occur, with senior members of the GPF in charge of each sub-sector.



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