Tagore teacher cleared of cannabis use allegations


The Tagore Memorial Secondary School teacher who was accused of smoking cannabis on the school’s premises is now cleared of the allegations as no evidence to substantiate the claim was presented during investigations into the matter.

cannabisIn October last, management of the school had denied the allegations when they first surfaced.

However, some teachers were reported in Guyana Times as saying that teacher at the center of the allegations has been smoking in the vicinity of the school and had offered the drug to students.

Following several media reports, the Department of Education had called for an investigation. Now that the investigation has been completed, there was nothing found against the teacher.

Head of the Regional Education Committee, Zamal Hussain, said the teacher was found not guilty.

When the investigations were initiated, some teachers were of the view that the investigation would not bring out the truth because certain regional officials were involved.

According to one teacher, they risked the chance of being victimised if they were to say what has been taking place at Tagore Memorial Secondary School. However, Regional Education Officer Volika Jaikishoon had assured that the investigation would have been properly done.


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