T& T mom of two dies after 40-foot fall: Family cites post-partum depression


(Trinidad Guardian) Family and friends of a young mother were thrown into mourning on Wednesday after she died at hospital from injuries she sustained in a 40-foot fall from the third storey of her home three days ago. Abigail Ragobar never regained consciousness after she was admitted to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital and died just after 2 pm yesterday.

However, in their time of grief, Ragobar’s family also reached out to society to highlight the effects of postpartum syndrome on mothers, since they believe this ultimately led to her tragic end. In a public post on Facebook yesterday, Ragobar’s sister, Charlotte Young Sing, gave details of the events which led up to Ragobar’s death.

DEAD: Abigail Ragobar
DEAD: Abigail Ragobar

At the time of the post, however, Ragobar was still alive and the post also paid tribute to her life and asked family and loved ones to pray for her. It was shared 2,000 times by Young Sing’s Facebook friends.

Young Sing said Ragobar, a mother of two, “lived for her children — Portia and newborn Raphael — and would never do anything to hurt herself or the ones she loves but her disillusioned state left her vulnerable to danger.” She recalled the heart-wrenching moment when she found her sister on Monday morning at 5.45 am.

“Words cannot describe what it was like finding her body nestled in a lemon tree but after saying the ‘Our Father’ out loud, God gave me the strength to pull her out. While her husband and my mom stood at my side holding up the branches of thorns.

Young Sing noted that it was her hope that by posting their story, others may be more attentive to the severity of postpartum depression.

“We hope that by sharing this post that we are able to make others more aware of postpartum depression and that awareness will save lives.”

Since the post was made yesterday morning prayers and best wishes poured in for Abby and her family. The family thanked all those who shared and wrote posts of support, saying they were overwhelmed.




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