Suspects open fire at police, crash car while trying to escape


Four persons have been arrested as police investigate the discharging of a loaded firearm which occurred at around 01:30hrs today at Speightland, Region Ten (Upper Demerara-Berbice).

A statement from the Guyana Police Force (GPF) explained that ranks were on a mobile patrol in the vicinity of Five Corner Mackenzie when they heard rapid explosions which sounded like gunshots.

As a result, the ranks ventured to Speightland where they observed a black motorcar approaching the police vehicle at a fast rate.

The officers reportedly exited the police vehicle in an attempt to stop the suspicious motorcar. When the vehicle came to a stop, a man exited from the front passenger seat and discharged a round in the direction of the policemen. He then rejoined the car which sped away.

However, the police officers gave chase and during the process, the civilian motorcar crashed into the fence of the McKenzie Sports Club and it subsequently turned turtle.

The man who shot at the police exited the car and began running away, while an identifiable female was seen crawling out of the vehicle.

The ranks managed to capture the male suspect who was hiding in some bushes. Another identifiable male, who was also an occupant of the motorcar, made good his escape.

After apprehending the suspect, the officers went to the scene where the loud rapid explosions came from and four 9mm spent shells were found in a yard.

Up to news time, four persons were placed in custody pending investigations.