Suspects in robbery of overseas-based Guyanese in custody


Two of the suspects who were implicated in the robbery of their uncle- an overseas based Guyanese- are presently in police custody as investigations into the matter continue.

Police “C” Division Commander, Marlon Chapman who spoke with INews earlier today confirmed that the men were taken into custody and the search is still on for a third suspect. 

The overseas-based Guyanese; Ganesh Loaknauth reportedly arrived in Guyana yesterday evening. However, hours after he arrived at his lot 23 Lancaster Housing Scheme, Unity, East Coast Demerara home, he was greeted by three armed men, one of whom held a gun to his head as he exited his vehicle in the garage.  

Loaknauth, who is reportedly a businessman, was forced to enter his house in the company of the three men who quickly tore his suitcases away from him and began demanding cash and other valuables.

The tramautised businessman told media operatives that he handed over everything they demanded, fearing that any hesitation would result in him losing his life.

The men then fled the scene with a huge sum of cash, among other valuables.

Loaknauth immediately notified residents who called the police. The businessman told officers that though the faces of the three men were covered, he believes that two of the perpetrators were his relatives. 

He stated that he recognised their voices.

Police immediately acted on this information and the man’s two nephews were apprehended. The third man is said to be known to police as he’s had previous brushes with the law. (Ramona Luthi)





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