Suspects in murder of Good Hope woman released; family pleads for justice

Dead: Waheeda Shamshudeen

Law enforcement officials have released two men who were detained for questioning in relation to the murder of a 52-year-old-year-old mother of eight, Waheeda Shamshudeen of Good Hope, East Bank Essequibo (EBE).

This was confirmed by Regional Commander Errol Watts.

In a telephone interview with Inews recently, the Commander said the two men were released from police custody, and some other persons are being pursued, who detectives believe are persons of “interest”.

Shamshudeen was hacked to death, just a day after she received death threats from her neighbour. The mother of eight had allegedly told her children just a day before she met her demise, that her neighbour, whom she was not on talking terms with for about 28-years, had threatened to rape and kill her.

Upon hearing this, her four sons took her to the Police station, where a report was made. However, upon arriving, the woman’s sons told this publication, they were arrested instead, and held for 24 hours.

The following day, the now dead woman’s lifeless body was found with a dent to her head, her neck was severed, and a plastic bag was placed over her face. Her body was also covered with a sheet.

Meanwhile, on the same day that Shamshudeen received death threats, the same neighbour who threatened to kill her, allegedly chopped her 20-year-old son Nazir Khan, to his back and head. The young man was a patient in the Intensive Care Unit at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

When Inews contacted the woman’s daughter Nabeela Shamshudeen, she said that her brother who was hospitalized, is now off the life support machine, and was scheduled to be discharged on Tuesday.

Nabeela said her family is very disappointed with the progress of the investigation as no one has been charged as yet for the crime.

The woman’s daughter said they will not rest until justice is served. She said knowing that the person who killed her mother is on the loose, is making their family very uncomfortable.

“We are not satisfied with that because he murdered my mother and he is still free on the road…we will not be satisfied with that”, she underscored.