Five arrested in connection with murder of Parika pensioner


More than one person has been arrested for the murder of 63-year-old Ramroop Rameshwar, who was discovered, bound and gagged at his Parika, East Bank Essequibo (EBE) home early yesterday morning.

INews was informed that the individuals who are suspected to have plotted to kill the man are presently in police custody as the ranks continue to investigate the matter.

Rameshwar of Parika Sea Dam, was found around 6:30hrs yesterday with his hands tied behind his back. There were also several injuries about his body when the gruesome discovery was made.
INews understands that the father of one and his wife had been separated for a number of years.

His son is said to reside in Essequibo, Region Two.

crime fightPrior to his death, Rameshwar was employed as a cleaner at the Parika Marketing Centre.

Reports are that the dead man’s neighbours had noticed the front door of his house open on Tuesday morning and when they ventured inside to check on him they got the shock of their lives when they saw his body.

Rameshwar was found lying on the floor in front of the door with his hands and feet tied behind his back and his mouth gagged. He also had blood oozing from his mouth and nose.

Rameshwar’s body is currently at the Ezekiel Funeral Home awaiting a Post Mortem Examination (PME).



  1. Zero tolerance on all criminals,jail time is holiday season for some of these monsters,,start HANGING them,RIP brother Rameshwar

  2. These are heartless human beings. They dont deserve to breathe the air we decent humans breathe. I wish the police could tie them up the same way for 63 hrs so they could think about what they did to this poor man.

  3. Citizens are now being murdered in the most gruesome manner and nothing is being heard from those who, when in opposition, had all the answers to curb the ever increasing crime and criminality across the country. With no meaningful employment opportunities for almost one year now, the criminal minded will spare no efforts to keep their insatiable appetite for more loot piling up at the expense of peaceful, law abiding citizens. While the people bleed to death, the administration keep putting more and more people on the breadline. No plans in place for national wealth creation. All they are interested in is raising tax in stealth manner by increasing all manner of fees which will have a knock on effect on the poor working class. These MORONS have no clue of what to do. Let’s pray so that they can come to their senses and take advice from the opposition for the good of the country and put politics aside


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