Suspects arrested in Berbice armed robbery – Police hunting ‘mastermind’


By Kristen Macklingam

A young man who is suspected to have opened fire on a New Amsterdam, Berbice, woman and her employee on Tuesday evening after robbing their variety store is now in police custody along with another man who is said to be the ‘mastermind’ of this crime.

According to a Police source, investigators are on the hunt for a third party who is alleged to have conspired with the above-mentioned suspects to execute the daring robbery which almost resulted in the businesswoman, Babita Sankar, and her employee being shot.

Sankar’s husband, Danny, told INews this afternoon that he can positively identify the bandit who fired shots at his wife and their employee since he (Danny) had hit the unmasked gunman with his car during his escape.

He maintains that the young man who is now in police custody for the crime is the same individual he almost ran down with his vehicle.

“I confirmed that this is the same person who robbed my store and almost killed my wife and her friend (employee) because I was in the car and saw him but I didn’t realise he had robbed them until he started firing shots. Then I used my car to chase him and hit him with it but he still managed to run away. It is the same man the police have in custody right now,” he stated.

Danny explained that this gunman along with the third suspect are known criminals to the area since this is not the first time they have been fingered in executing robberies and other forms of illegal activities.

“The police are looking for the third man because he and the mastermind were the two, I am told, that orchestrated this robbery and sent the next one with the gun to do it. The two who planned it know me but this one doesn’t know me because if I had only known it was my things getting robbed and my wife being shot at only God knows what I would have done to the gunman,” he said.

On Tuesday evening a lone gunman escaped with an undisclosed sum of cash from a New Amsterdam, Berbice variety store but not before opening fire on Danny’s wife and her employee sometime around 19:00 hrs.

The unmasked man fled on foot with a bag containing the day’s sales of Sankar’s Variety, located in downtown New Amsterdam, after discharging two shots in the direction of the two persons. Luckily, no one was hurt during the incident.

However, Danny pursued the gunman, hitting him with a car but he still managed to escape into an ally and eventually disappearing. During the chase, some of the stolen money was left behind and was recovered by the owners.


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