Suspected Thief beaten to death after allegedly snatching Teacher’s bag

The dead man's father, Elvis Sampson. [iNews' Photo]


By Leroy Smith


A photo of Eldon Sampson when he was much younger.
A photo of Eldon Sampson when he was much younger.

[] – A suspected thief was beaten to death this afternoon, Friday, August 29, allegedly by irate residents of Samantha Point, Grove, East Bank Demerara after he reportedly snatched a teacher’s bag, while she was walking in the community.

Dead is 24 – year – old Eldon Sampson of Craig Old Road, East Bank Demerara. Residents told iNews that Sampson was riding a bicycle at the time he committed the robbery. The teacher recovered her bag.

His father, Elvis Sampson told iNews that he received a telephone call that persons were beating his son in another village.

He explained that he had asked his son not to leave the house, since they were doing construction work. However, the younger Sampson left unknowing to his father.

The dead man's father, Elvis Sampson. [iNews' Photo]
The dead man’s father, Elvis Sampson. [iNews’ Photo]
The elder Sampson noted that his son was recently released from prison where he was convicted on a larceny charge.

Persons in the area and the man’s father admitted that he is known for being involved in robberies. His father said that he often speaks to his son to cease the practices but to no avail.



  1. good for him was there at the hospital wen he died……………. his cuz was there n r
    effused to identify him.

  2. when citizens see that criminals are rewarded by the system for their foul deeds they resort to STREET JUSTICE…. at least the father was honest : he didn’t claim his son was a priest going to church when he met his demise . besides’he himself was involved in honest work–quite a good example! …. those don’t hear with their ears will feel with their bodies.


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