Suspected terror gang member acquitted of murder

Basil Morgan

Basil Morgan, who is believed to have been part of a gang that carried out several terror-related crimes almost nine years ago, was earlier today acquitted of murdering Woddet Roberts, called “Buck Man” who was killed during the course of a robbery between November 3 and 4 in 2009.

Presiding judge, James Bovell-Drakes upheld Defence Attorney Lyndon Amsterdam’s no case submission. Amsterdam contended that Roberts’ post mortem examination was inconclusive and that police never stated the exact location that Roberts had died.  

Police said Morgan was a part of the gang that robbed the now deceased man and stole a Toyota Tacoma vehicle along the Linden-Soesdyke highway.

However, Justice Bovell-Drakes’ posited that the prosecution did not provide enough evidence to make out a case against the accused.

Even though Morgan was acquitted of murder, he remains incarcerated pending the outcome of several other matters he has before the court.

The gang had reportedly set fire to the Supreme Court of Judicature’s Registry department.

Morgan’s alleged accomplices, David Anthony Watson, called “Tupac”, Randy Mars, known as “Ratty”, Jafar Simpson and gang leader Colin Jones are all serving prison time for terror-related offences following guilty pleas entered earlier this year.

Prosecutor Tuanna Hardy represented the State.


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