Suspected gunman shot dead; two others injured

The bar where the shooting occurred.

By Leroy Smith

The bar where the shooting occurred.
The bar where the shooting occurred.

[] – A Rastafarian man was last evening shot and killed after he showed up at the Butchers Pool Bar at Lot 25 Middleton Street, Campbellville Georgetown and reportedly opened fire in the direction of persons who were at the Bar.

Receiving injuries is 31 – year – old Paul Chow of Lot 10 Railway Line Kitty, who was shot to the chin and chest by the suspect. It is not clear if he was the intended target.

Information reaching iNews revealed that some of the patrons at the bar included members of the Guyana Defence and Police Forces. Police sources told iNews that from all indications, the shooting appeared to be a hit that went sour as the servicemen who were at the location whipped out their firearms and returned fire at the shooter.

He attempted to escape but was shot and fell a short distance from the bar, where he died. One resident told iNews that he heard what sounded like gunshots and upon peeping outside, he saw the suspect lying on the road.

He was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival and his identity is not yet known.

Meanwhile earlier on Tuesday evening, 46 – year – old David Pile of Lot 2 Phase 2 East Ruimveldt was shot by a person or persons who were running along a mud dam in East Ruimveldt and discharging rounds indiscriminately. The police are continuing their investigations into the incidents.




  1. A dreadlocked man. Not Rastafarian. Rasta is a humble peaceful way of life not a fashion statement. Anyone who puts out these type of works is not a Rasta man. You do not report that a Christian, Hindu, Muslim beat his wife on Monday last. Keep Rastafari out of the negative reporting.

  2. I do think it’s about time the President started doing something about the criminal elements who does what very they want in Guyana especially in Georgetown this is unconscionable every day there are shootings killings for God’s sake it has to stop how would the country promote tourism also encouraging Guyanese abroad to come to Guyana when crime Continues to run rampantly Mr. President you have to start doing something now.


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