Suspected fraud at Vergenoegen/ Greenwich Park NDC, senior official being questioned – source


An official attached to the Vergenoegen/Greenwich Park Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) has reportedly been taken into custody regarding an attempt to allegedly fraud the entity of approximately of $600,000 in cash.

Based on reports received earlier today, the official reported to NDC officials on Tuesday morning that there had been a break-in at the entity and monies were stolen. The police were subsequently informed and an investigation on the matter began.

However, according to a source attached to the NDC, the police were unable to corroborate the official’s version of the incident as they were unable to detect where the alleged robbers gained entry to the building in order to steal the cash. “No windows, doors or any means of entrance into the office appeared to have been tampered with”, the source related to INews.

As such, shortly after, the official was taken into custody for questioning.

A meeting with the NDC’s chairman and other officials is expected to be conducted this afternoon at the entity’s location to discuss the matter.

Investigations are ongoing.


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