Suspected “cow thief”, 3 others nabbed with unlicensed firearm, ammunition


Four men found themselves in hot water after an unlicensed firearm with several rounds of matching ammunition were unearthed in their vehicle by a group of police ranks searching for “cow thief”.

Also found in their possession was a quantity of raw beef.

Based on reports received, a cattle rancher of West Coast Berbice reported that a man, whom he identified to investigators, stole his cow on Saturday evening.

The ranks reportedly went in search of the suspect and found him along with three others in a tractor coming out of the back dam.

As the Police approached them with the intention to arrest the suspected cow thief, the unlicensed .38 revolver with matching ammunition were discovered.

However, the suspected cow thief did not acknowledge or deny the accusation made by the farmer. The alleged “cow thief” claimed that he was a licensed firearm holder and showed them his firearm while noting that the unlicensed firearm found in the tractor did not belong to him.

The four men were immediately taken into police custody and an investigation was launched.