Suspected bandits killed at Kingston Seawall were shot six times each – autopsy


A post mortem examination conducted on the remains of two of the suspected bandits; Kwame Assanah and Dextroy Cordis, has confirmed that they were both shot at least six times each with the bullets exiting their bodies.

It is unclear how many times the third man, Errol Adams was shot.

Dead: Dextroy Cordis

The post-mortem examinations were conducted on the bodies of the three men on Monday.

The three men were shot dead during an alleged shootout with the police on Thursday last at the Kingston Seawall just behind the GNS Ground.

A source also told INews that based on the post mortem examination, it was confirmed that the bullets entered and exited the bodies of Assanah and Cordis. Assanah was shot five times to the chest and once to the upper right arm while Cordis was shot five times to the chest and upper body and once to the head.

Now that the post mortem examinations have been concluded, there are more unanswered questions as to what really occurred on the day the men were shot and killed.

Dead: Kwame Assanah
The vehicles used by the alleged bandits

Law enforcement officials are maintaining that the men were about to commit a robbery and the consequences could have been more severe if the Police did not take the action it took on the day in question.

Acting Police Commissioner David Ramnarine on Monday threw his support behind his ranks claiming the use of deadly force against the suspected bandits was justified.




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