Suspected bandits caught in New Amsterdam Hotel


woman-in-handcuffs[] – Intelligent work by police in ‘B’ Division led to the arrest of two suspects of several robberies in Berbice.

iNews was reliably informed that the men were found in a popular hotel – Church View International at New Amsterdam. When the police swooped down on them, they were found in the company of three females and another male.

Police said they acted on intelligence and went to the hotel where six persons were found. iNews understands two of the men were wanted in connection with the Saturday morning robbery at Tucberg, New Amsterdam. The men were also arrested in relation to a robbery that occurred on Thursday morning at the New Amsterdam Market.

Police made the breakthrough when they saw a suspicious motorcycle parked in the vicinity of the hotel; the said motorcycle was seized. Investigators believe it was an accessory to other robberies that occurred in New Amsterdam, including the July 13, 2015 robbery of A. Ally and Sons store.

The clerk was on her way to deposit a bag containing G$3.7 million and US$2300. The bag was taken away from the clerk by a gunman who escaped on a waiting motorcycle.

On Saturday morning, police said that 38-year-old Nicolas Harrinandan was awoken sometime after 01:00 hrs by strange sounds in his home. Arming himself with a cutlass, the man went to investigate and came face to face with three bandits, one of whom was armed with a shotgun and another with a cutlass.

In the ensuing fracas, Harrinandan was chopped to his body but also managed to chop one of the assailants. While two perpetrators fled the scene, another was trapped and later arrested.

That man has since been identified as 26-year-old Brian Dhanpat. iNews understands that Dhanpat donned a dreadlocks wig during the attack on Harrinandan.

In their haste to escape, the men dropped the shotgun which has been recovered by the police. Dhanpat, who was discharged from the hospital, reportedly told the media and police he was at the house in relation to drugs.

Investigations are in progress.





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