Suspected bandit shot as police exchange bullets with gunmen



IMG_1010[] – An alleged bandit is now nursing a gunshot wound after another early morning shootout with police – this time in Grove East Bank Demerara (EBD).

According to a police statement, just after 3:00hrs on Sunday December 13, 2015, 50-year-old Cheryl Embrack, of Grove Housing Scheme,, was entering her home when she was attacked by two men, one of whom was armed with a handgun.

The men took her into the house and took away a stereo set and a cell phone.

 Police say while the robbery was in progress neighbouring residents informed the police who responded and encountered the perpetrators as they were leaving the scene.

The police came under fire and returned fire during which one of the men was shot and injured and an unlicensed .32 pistol with 10 matching rounds was recovered.

Police have identified the injured man as 21-year-old Devon Forde of Stevedore Housing Scheme, Georgetown.

 He has been admitted to the GPHC where he is under guard.

His accomplice managed to escape and police investigations are in progress.



  1. Granger said that he control crime and that he is doing more bandit and crime daily well said granger jail is not for crimnal just for the ppp people any crime done is not crimnal is church people they are

  2. Those crazy comments is bias . If was in the ppp time they would burn the city down . The piece full Citizen Will always have to live in fear .

  3. Suspected bandit shot as police exchange bullets with gunmen
    Granger said he want all bandits to be brought in alive for him to pardon them.
    What is the matter for these stupid PPP police shooting and injuring shooting and killing our brothers whom are all members of one church or another.
    Granger want them to interrogate them so see if they would say is PPP instructing them to commit crimes and is PPP giving them guns.
    When Granger open is filth mouth many Guyanese cringes when they think about Buxton base criminals and who where their political masters.

  4. The police shoot the wrong man Devon was a good kid he went to church every day never smoke or drink you never hear this man ‘s voice a model citizen his mother( father missing since birth)should sue the police and the APNU government for his injuries.This is unfair the police that pulled the trigger should be jailed.


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