Suspect in Corentyne teenager’s murder remanded

  • wife also arrested for ‘disorderly behaviour’ outside courtroom

The suspect in the gruesome murder of a Corentyne boy whose body was discovered last Monday, appeared in court today.

Accompanied by his wife and dressed in a torn pair of trousers the accused, Terian Goolcharran, was escorted by Police ranks to the Springlands Magistrate Court. He was not required to plea to the indictable charge which stated that between Saturday, August 20 and Monday, August 22 he murdered Akeem Grimmond.

REMANDED: Terian Goolcharran
REMANDED: Terian Goolcharran

Magistrate Rabindranath Singh told Goolcharran it was not a charge that he can plea to. However, the accused shouted out ‘Not guilty’.

The 26-year-old murder accused, who hails from Number 60 Village in Berbice, was remanded to prison. He had previously been convicted of simple larceny.

The matter has been transferred to the Number 51 Village Magistrate court and comes up again on September 14.

The partly decomposed  body of 13-year-old Akeem Grimmond  of No 61 Village, Corentyne was discovered in a drain last Monday, behind a cemetery at Number 62 Village about 300 meters from his home. He went missing last Saturday.

Goolcharran was arrested last Monday after his wife had reported to investigators that he confessed to her that he killed Grimmond and was going to purchase coffee and biscuits and give to his parents for a wake.

Goolcharran's wife was arrested for behaving disorderly outside the courtroom
Goolcharran’s wife was arrested for behaving disorderly outside the courtroom

When he was taken into custody he denied the allegations. However,  investigators were able to get enough evidence which placed the accused at the scene of the crime.

As the accused was being escorted out of the courtroom, his wife followed and then began swearing publicly at the police, the magistrate, and the system.

She was arrested and taken into custody.


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