Suspect in Corentyne fatal stabbing confesses, claims self-defense

Orlando Jonas

One of the suspects accused of killing a man and injuring another during an attempted robbery at Albion, Corentyne, Berbice, has since confessed to the crime.

However, in a bizarre twist of events, the suspect is claiming that he was the victim and had only acted in self-defence when he stabbed to death Orlando Jonas, 29, and injured Mahendra Ramnarine, 18.

Initial reports indicated that Jonas and Ramnarine were riding a bicycle, and in the vicinity of a popular shop in the area, they were confronted and attacked by two men who attempted to relieve them of their personal items.

Jonas was stabbed to death while Ramnarine was slashed to his face.

Following the incident, which occurred on Saturday last, the two “suspects” turned up at the Albion Police Station claiming that they were attacked and robbed. They were arrested.

INews understands that one of the suspects has since confessed to the crime, but is claiming that he acted in self-defence defence as it was the “victims” who attempted to rob him and his colleague.

Both the suspects had marks of violence about their bodies.

Investigations are ongoing.