Suspect in brutal murder of Canal No. 1 woman to face charges soon

MURDERED: Tameshwarie “Laila” Sonilal

Police have apprehended the suspect in brutal murder of 62-year-old Tameshwarie “Laila” Sonilal of Lot 2 Good Hope, Canal Number One, West Bank Demerara (WBD).

A police source told INews on Tuesday, the attacker will face the necessary charges soon.

The elderly woman was found stabbed to death, leaving the entire community in a state of shock.

Based on information received, the incident occurred sometime after 20:30h. The man, who is said to be in his early 20s, gained access into the upper flat of the building where he committed the act.

The elderly woman, who lived with her brother, was alone in the house at the time.

Her cousin, Shiloom (only name given) told INews that she was at home when the incident occurred. Other persons on the Conservancy Dam recalled hearing a scream which alerted them to rush over to the property but the door was bolted shut.

It took some time for public-spirited persons to break the door. As they repeatedly called for her, there was no response.

“She holler and her brother was on the dam. There was some other people on the dam. When them hear the screaming, they tell her brother that something wrong…that Laila screaming. All of we run and come. I calling for she and no answer. We go up the step and turn the lock and the door not opening.”

Upon gaining entry into the house, the group of men heard a clatter and quickly discovered the attacker hiding in the ceiling. He was armed with a cutlass and hurled it as they attempted to apprehend him. Relatives stated that he is well-known in the community.

The distraught woman said she rushed to her cousin’s bedroom, where she discovered the lifeless body lying face down on the floor.

As her eyes circled the room, she realised that there was a pool of blood and the bed was also stained from the assault. A bloodied knife laid on the ground, not too far away from the body.

Unfortunately, a power outage ensued, allowing the suspect to make good his escape by jumping over a fence. The police were summoned and the woman’s body was removed from the scene.

Sonilal was described as a “hardworking” person who sold fruits at the Stabroek Market.