Suspect in alleged assassination plot on the President nowhere to be found- Police


The man who is at the center of the probe in the alleged plot to assassinate the President is now nowhere to be found.

President David Granger

Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum, while he could not say much surrounding the investigation, said that officers made several checks for the man but all their leads turned up empty. Blanhum is optimistic however, that they will apprehend the suspect.

The man identified as a barber from the Grove, East Bank Demerara area, prior to going awol, was interviewed accusing two businessmen of hiring him to assassinate President David Granger.

Inews was informed from a reliable source that suspect allegedly owes some businessmen in excess of $8M, which he had borrowed to pay off debts when he first started his mining operation. He has reportedly failed to repay the money at the stipulated deadline.

After some time had elapsed and he had not repaid the money, his creditors – whom he has accused of paying him to assassinate the President – had approached him to enquire about their money; and based on his inability to repay the money he (allegedly) levelled the allegation against them, the source revealed.

The matter involving the alleged plot to assassinate the President was first brought to light by State Minister, Joseph Harmon, at a weekly post-cabinet press briefing. He had noted that the Ministry of the Presidency was made aware of the alleged plot to assassinate the President, and the matter was being investigated by the police.

Moments after the press briefing, the interview with the complainant making the allegation was released on social media and later televised on a local newscast.

In that interview, the barber revealed that he was offered $7M and given a “long black gun” by a businessman to carry out the job of assassinating the President, but he had declined the offer.

He claimed that, as a businessman, he had approached another businessman — a gold dealer living on the East Bank of Demerara — for a loan, and it was then the discussions were held about the possible assassination.



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