Suspect held over stabbing death of 14-yr-old


A former student, attached to the Matthews Ridge Secondary School, was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital in the wee hours of Thursday after he was attacked and stabbed to death by his peer.

Dead is 14-year-old Joseph Bumbury of Pakera, Matthews Ridge, North West District (NWD). Based on information received, Bumbury and his cousin, Leslie Norton, were reportedly imbibing alcohol in a shop at Flat, Matthews Ridge when they were approached by the 14-year-old suspect.

INews understands that suspect immediately attacked Bumbury and dealt him several punches about his body. Seeing this, Norton intervened but was also attacked by the suspect with a knife.

The teen suspect reportedly whipped out a knife from his waist and stabbed Norton to his hand which caused him to retreat.

Nevertheless, the suspect continued his attack on the now dead teenager by stabbing him several times to his chest and hand. After committing the act, he escaped.

Injured Bumbury might have bled to death since he was left for several hours at the scene before Police arrived. The teen was rushed to the Matthews Ridge Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Norton was also taken to the hospital where he was admitted to the medical facility. Meanwhile, detectives visited the home of the suspect and took him into custody.

During interrogation, the teen reportedly confessed to the murder by giving them a detailed account of what transpired. More so, he led the detectives to the murder weapon.

The suspect also gave Police a written statement under caution in the presence of his uncle. He is expected to be charged shortly as investigations are continuing.