Suspect held here was seen in Suriname before piracy attacks started- Police


As investigations continue both in Suriname and in Guyana regarding the recent attacks on fishermen off the coast of Suriname, the Guyana Police Force confirmed that they have information which placed one of the three suspects being held here, over in Suriname just days prior to the attacks.

Acting Police Commissioner, David Ramnarine,

At a press conference earlier today to brief the local press on the recent visit to the neighbouring country by security officials led by Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan, acting Police Commissioner David Ramnarine disclosed that the three persons in custody here were held based on information received from the Surinamese law enforcement as well as from fisherfolks on the ground.

According to the Commissioner, local investigators have obtained detailed statements and are in constant contact with the Force’s legal advisor about the matter, while adding that a lot more work will have to be done.

Moreover, Ramnarine confirmed reports that revenge may have been the cause of the recent attacks on Guyanese fishermen in the Dutch waters.

Currently, law enforcement agencies in Suriname have a total of 15 persons in custody among whom are two alleged suspects – “Crackhead” and “Dick” – who were fingered by survivors as two of the pirates who attacked the fishermen in Surinamese waters resulting in three deaths, five survivors and 12 missing.

The second attack just days later, which saw a boat captain killed and his crew missing, is also believed to be linked to the first.


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