Suspect confesses to killing Mahaica Farmer

Dead: Balkissoon


By Leroy Smith

Dead:  Balkissoon
Dead: Balkissoon

[] – The man, who is accused of killing Mahaica cash crop farmer, 52 – year – old Balkissoon on Tuesday [September 02] in the Mahaica Backdam has reportedly confessed to the crime, according to sources close to the investigations.

iNews was reliably informed that the suspect, who is allegedly a drug addict, told investigators that he did whipped out the dead man’s cutlass from his bicycle and dealt him a chop to the neck.

iNews was also informed that the man during a caution statement told investigators that persons throughout Mahaica would usually torment and provoke him with their accusations that he steals their belongings including cattle.

The man has since denied those allegations to investigators. He reportedly cooperated with the police when he was questioned. He reportedly told investigators that the Farmer harassed him, thus he resorted to violence.

However, the Farmer’s 15 – year – old son told investigators that when his father and the man crossed paths, the man cursed his father. He said in response, his father told the accused to “move along.”


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