Surendra Engineering denies fraud claims; threatens legal action against Guyana Gov’t

The site of the multi - million dollar Specialty Hospital
Specialty Hospital
Specialty Hospital

[] – Interestingly, Surendra Engineering Company Ltd (SECL) has announced that it is currently consulting with its lawyers to determine its future course of any legal action against the Government of Guyana.

This comes a day after the government announced that construction on Guyana’s first Specialty Hospital, which the Indian company was contracted to build, was suspended after a major fraud was uncovered.

The administration claimed that since late June 2014, they had been engaging SECL on a number of issues regarding allegation of fraud and financial irregularities.

Yesterday, Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon said that government discovered that SECL’s representative in Guyana had submitted a fraudulent document purporting to emanate from the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago.

However, SECL is strongly denying this among other allegations.

“SECL is not aware of the document and has not provided any such document as referred to in the reports in respect of Central bank of Trinidad and Tobago. We hereby reiterate that all such allegations of fraud or financial irregularities are completely baseless and without any merit,” the company stated.

Surendra Engineering expressed the hope that the government will not feel pressurized to commit any act or do anything which has the effect of jeopardizing the project either for any political compulsions or for any other ulterior motives.

“SECL is a 40 year old company, having vast experience and expertise in Engineering and Construction. It has successfully Designed, Constructed and Completed more than 100 Projects in 33 countries worldwide and also completed project in Guyana. The capability of the firm was never in question as is evident from history,” a statement added.

During these past two years SECL has been working on the Specialty Hospital Project and says it has invested a huge amount of resources in terms of time, money and manpower and continues to stay committed to see the project completely through.

Even as the government announced its intention to terminate the contract and recover outstanding and unaccounted public funds, SECL says it is entitled to recover also several million USD from the Government in respect of work done at the site so far.

“The Government of Guyana is fully aware that the reasons for delay in the project are solely because of its own failure to meet its own obligations under the contract. The stoppage of work was only because of failure or neglect on part of the government of Guyana from fulfilling its obligations. It is shocking to hear such press reports which can only be interpreted as a desperate attempt on part of the Government of Guyana to wriggle out its stated commitments towards the project. SECL reserves all its rights to pursue all such remedies as may be advised’” the release added.





  1. C’mon, Surendra, you guys did absolutely nothing for Guyana on those three projects, which means you served somebody’s purpose! Name names! Who collected how much?


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