Supenaam operators fume over waterfront construction delays


Essequibo Coast speedboat operators are decrying hindrances to the service they provide as a result of delayed construction works ongoing at the Supenaam Waterfront.

In an interview with this publication, President of the Parika-Supenaam Speed Boat Association, Arnold Adams, pointed out that the contract was given a two month extension from December 31, 2018 to March 31, 2019.

He said due to the ongoing construction works and heavy machinery at the waterfront, the car park had to be relocated and as such, passengers, who have to walk a very long way through the Market with their heavy bags to get to the speedboats, now prefer to use the ferries which are more easily accessible.

Adams noted that there are 93 boats in operation and the operators are only getting one trip in every seven to eight days. This has resulted in many boat owners seriously considering selling out their vessels and seek other means of earning.

However, many of these operators are financially trapped due to loans and other factors as some solely depend on this service to earn. As such, the President of the Association is worried that the contractor would not meet the new deadline and the construction will have to be given a further extension.

This fear, he explained is fueled by the slow pace of the construction works, thus, putting more pressure on the already crippling speedboat service.



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