Suicide help line saved life of 19-Y-0


suicide[] – The Ministry of Public Health’s interagency suicide prevention helpline has been proving to be very helpful to many Guyanese since its establishment. The line, which functions as a “coping partner” for many, recently helped to save the life of a young man from Santa Mission.

During an interview with the Minister of Health and a team from the soon to be established Mental Health Secretariat, the Government Information Agency (GINA) was informed that the 19 – year – old was suffering from depression, and he called the helpline.

This triggered a chain reaction, which saw the young man receiving immediate counseling via the call, after which contact was made with the health care professionals in his area, who subsequently took over.

This helpline is designed to provide comfort, counseling and support to persons who are struggling, not only with suicidal, but other issues, which can affect their mental health and or life, and possibly lead to suicide.

This includes substance abuse, depression, anger management, abuse, and neglect, along with any other issue which can result in self inflected pain or damage.

If you are in a situation where you are experiencing such thoughts and need advice or counseling, you can contact the helpline, by any of the means mentioned below.

Telephone number – 592-223-0818

What App-                   592-600-7896/592-623-4444

BBM-                             2BE55649/2BE56020

Twitter-                       @guyanaagency

Email-                           [email protected]

Facebook-                  Guyana Interagency Suicide Prevention Help Line



  1. Good news yes but such personal information should not be available for the media to publish. It can certain certainly discourage other persons fighting depression from calling in if they believe their problems will be air for all to know.

  2. No article should include the age, gender, location or any information which can be used to identify this already vulnerable person. Guyana has a long way to go in terms of understanding the sensitivity needed in these situations.

    Articles such as this one can likely make a suicidal person think twice about seeking help, since it carries the risk of becoming publicized. I would advocate removing the above information which can be used to identify the individual.


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