Sueria Manufacturing Inc launches $1M prize promotion

Frank Sanichara, Chief Executive Officer of Sueria Manufacturing,
Frank Sanichara, Chief Executive Officer of Sueria Manufacturing,

[] – Sueria Manufacturing Inc. has launched an environmentally friendly promotion which will help the company and its customers play a major role in keeping the environment clean.

The Company, which is based at Eccles Industrial Site, East Bank Demerara, will be rewarding customers who return empty bottles of its Tropical Delight fruit juice with instant prizes.

Sueria Manufacturing has the exclusive distribution rights of the popular Tropical Delight brand which the company says is quickly becoming the number one choice in Guyana.

Customers will have a chance to collect caps, t-shirts and tote bags by returning empty bottles to advertised distributors. According to Frank Sanichara, Chief Executive Officer of Sueria Manufacturing, it is a “win-win” situation for the company, the consumers and the environment.

“It’s an ideal way of giving back to the community and at the same time keeping the environment clean.”unnamed(1)

He also noted that the returned bottles will be recycled for other productive use.

Sueria Manufacturing Inc. is well known for its line of locally-manufactured, Kaieteur Candies and peanuts.

According to Sanichara, the company opened its door for business less than a year ago and has taken a significant portion of the market.

When asked about expansion, he said “we are only five percent of where we want to be. We will be launching several other products in the coming months. We currently are doing extensive research and development in our long-awaited Plantain Chips production line, which we are hoping to launch within the next three months”.

He said that the line of products will not only create additional employment, but also add more value and much-needed recognition to local produce.  



  1. Wayne why don’t you shut!!! your mouth, it seems as though you didn’t smuggle enough Carona Beer in the Country. its funny how you does get all the IPL right and stuff. while banks don’t even get that.

    Now regarding this article, what does Glenn Lall have to do with this. The last time i check is Frank Sanichara and his wife own this company. His wife is a well educated person and Frank is a Real Estate Developer. Or is it you Mystic Under threat.

  2. Slow down there sir ,.this is not glenn Lall business . It’s gus son in law business and the last time I check that guy is promoting Guyana even with his magazine . Guyana inc.

  3. What hypocrisy! You’re painting a bad picture of Guyana, and at the same time you are prospering in Guyana. For you and the PNC/AFC Guyana is no good yet you are opening more businesses. Glen Lall is using the black people of Guyana like rags and they don’t know it. What a shame! What a shame!!!


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