Suddie residents bemoan losses from flooding


As a result of continuous rainfall over the past few days, several residents and vendors of Suddie, Region Two (Pomeroon -Supenaam) were severely affected by flood, with water levels reaching as high as six inches in some cases.

When this publication visited some of the affected areas today, residents were seen bailing water out of their house. Some persons suffered damages to household items like their refrigerator and wardrobe while others claimed that important documents were destroyed in the floodwaters.

Haseeb Mohamed said he came home for lunch at about 13:15h and noticed that his verandah and inside his home was inundated.

“When I can home for lunch and water was in the house, the ration area, the bedroom everything… water was about six inches. Then I called my family who came and assist with bailing the floodwater from the house,” the resident told this publication.

He said the water damaged his refrigerator, wardrobe, rations, and documents.

“When I reach home here everything was in floodwater, it was so muddy which is evident that it comes from the back drain that is clogged up with grass. We need some assistance from the government to get back our stuff that were damaged and for NDIA to dig the drains in the village,“ another resident, Sherine Mohamed, expressed.

Barbara Agard, said floodwater reached as high as six inches of the home. Her refrigerator and chair set were among the damaged items. Floodwater, she said, reached in her kitchen and bedroom.

“My stuffs in my home is damage and I need some assistance…flood water is all over in my home and the damaged done, it requires a lot of money to get it fix,” Agard lamented.