Students sent home after African bees found in school building


– at Anna Regina Multilateral

Students and teachers from the Anna Regina Multilateral Secondary on the Essequibo Coast were forced to vacate the school building due to the presence of the feared African bees.

Students were sent home this morning (Monday) after teachers discovered that the main building was infested with African bees.

The discovery was made at around 9:00 hrs today. According to a student, everyone was assembled outside of the building and asked to marked their names as being present before being sent home.

“We were told that we should go home, since there are bees in the main building and we should immediately leave,” the student related.

No one was bitten in the process and classes at the school are expected to resume tomorrow (Tuesday). The Agriculture Department of Region Two was asked to assist in removing the bees from the school building. (Indrawattie Natram)


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