Students can opt out of NGSA, but will be placed in secondary school closest to home


Concerns have been raised by many parents whose children will have to return to school for examinations, citing the health risks involved during the times of COVID-19.

There are particular concerns about the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) which is set for July 1 and 2.

But the Education Ministry today made it clear that the dates will not be postponed, noting that students can choose not the write the exams.

However, they will be placed in a secondary school closest to their home.

“If the parents opt not to have their children or child write this examination, there is nothing we can do to force them. However, in not doing so, they will be placed at the school closest to them,” Chief Education Officer Ingrid Trotman said.

“If they are not satisfied or perhaps if they have any other questions about being placed at the [secondary] school closest to them, there is what we call the placement examination,” she added.

The CEO explained that if students are not satisfied with the schools closest to their homes, they can take these exams which will be done in July next year.

“If they satisfy that criteria, they can ask to write that placement exam…and I think they have to get over 70% in order to be placed in a school of a higher level,” she said.

The Education Ministry is assuring that all safety protocols will be implemented to ensure both students and educators are safe during this time.