Student allegedly flogged by teacher for ‘rum in water bottle’

Chumawatie Adolphus
Chumawatie Adolphus

[] – The grandmother of a third form secondary student on the Essequibo Coast is calling for investigation into an incident where someone mixed rum in the water bottle belonging to her grandson and which resulted in the child being flogged by the class teacher.

The incident occurred at the Cotton Field Secondary school on Thursday, October 16. Chumawatie Adolphus says she filled the bottle with water for her grandson, Navindra Singh and sent him off to school.

She said while he was in class, a student reported to the teacher that Singh mixed rum with his water, while another student took the bottle from his bag and gave it to the teacher.

The woman alleged that the male teacher then made her grandson bend over on a desk in front of the class, while he whipped him with a stick.

Adolphus says she is upset that her grandson was punished for something he did not do and is calling on the Ministry of Education to look into the matter.


  1. There really is no pleasing some people. When something goes wrong, the teachers are blamed and reminded that they are responsible for the children during school hours. When the teachers take on that responsibility and discipline the child, suddenly the teachers are abusing the children and parents are outraged. The teacher did the right thing in my opinion. Spare the rod and spoil the child. If parents continue to do things like this, the children will have very little to no respect for the teacher and as such will not be able to perform their duties efficiently in the schools because they would have lost control of the children. Children need to learn respect and discipline and the school is one if the best places to learn this. Support our teachers, they need it.

  2. Soon the schools in Guyana will be in need of police officers and nurses to work full time in there instead of teachers. Because of the madness that r going on. When teachers try to do what parents are supposed to do, the teachers are the ones to get all the blame and slap in the face for being the good ones.

  3. Bernadette….agreed with all you said about kids being sneaky and parents denial …arite???? does that give teachers or anyone for that matter to lay a beating on those kids?
    lets hear if you condoned adults assaulting children..
    and dont tell me you get a beating as a child when u did wrong coz all children does wrong things which they are supposed to..
    as adults its their job / duty to teach kids right from wrong not assault them physically…would u not agree??

  4. So many are quick to ridicule and judge teachers before you do that you should investigate because every story has two sides and as such being a teacher is not an easy task some of you must try it and then go blabbing your mouth yes the teacher may be wrong but then again don underestimate the kids of today. Parents should teach their children morals society is in chaos today then we ask ourselves why and who is to be blamed when the answer is in front of us.

  5. Hmm……so if the child didn’t do it, then who did it? Chances are it could very well be another student, or maybe the child stopped somewhere and someone else put it. This is all speculation. The point I am making again is that we as parents have to be more vigilant. We have to support our teachers. There is so much a teacher can do. Many times if you go to school PTAs you will hear teachers literally begging parents to come into the school to check on their kids. Now when something happen and the child get scold everyone is angry with the teacher. I am not a teacher but I am a parent. I am not perfect but I will try. My kids need me. It does not mean they will be perfect but at least it will go a far way in moulding them properly. I am getting really tired and sick of this nonsense. Don’t spare the rod and spoil the child. It might seems harsh but trust me when your child become an adult they will thank you. I thank my parents, elders and teachers for correcting me when I was going wrong. Today I am a better person because of that correcting. I am sure many of you can attest to it.

  6. Students find different ways to sneak alcohol into school. From First form to Fifth form. Teachers have to be alert to the smell on the breath of students. Parents always live in denial when you call them in to school to complain. Something has to be done to quell this practice. At Sports Events, School get together, or any activity in school. I have encountered parents who denied the fact that their child had consumed alcohol, even though the student reeked of it and couldn’t stand straight. The Excuse – somebody force him to drink it.

  7. dont talk how i feel right now reading this….if the ministry of education does not call the police to investigate this teacher action then fire him and the child parents must be allowed to sue him for assault this madness will never stop.
    its called adults assaulting kids and nothing more to it.
    im saying…even if the kid put rum in his water bottle who gives the teacher the rights to be judge juror executioner?
    there are others in other places the the teacher should have taken the kid to and not assault the child.
    the education ministry must be outrage about this and must make this adult assaulter the prime example that society will not sit idly by and allow adult to assault kids any more.

  8. Someone was getting fired today as a result of their foolish action,is this the teacher’s child or my child now I am not condoning this but as a parent I should of been Valle into to the school for a discussion instead of some low life teacher flogging my child .


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