Strip your tint or face the consequences – Police


tinted[] – Any tinted vehicle that travels within the boundaries of the police ‘A’ Division without the required documentation and permit from the Ministry of Home Affairs will be escorted to the nearest police station and the driver of the vehicle will have to remove the tint.

This is according to Traffic Officer in the ‘A’ Division, Ramesh Ashram during an interview with iNews today, Friday January 02.

He warned that if drivers refuse to comply then the fitness for the vehicle will be revoked, rendering the vehicle unfit to traverse the roadways.

Commander of the ‘A’ Division, Clifton Hicken told iNews that this decision was arrived at given the number of road fatalities which the country has witnessed over the holiday season.

Commander of 'A' Division, Clifton Hicken.
Commander of ‘A’ Division, Clifton Hicken.

The Commander made it clear that Police ranks and other members of the armed forces will also have to remove their tints.

He further explained that the move is part of the anti-crime strategy since there are persons of interest to the police who often use cars with tinted windows to conceal their identity and to move around the city. [Leroy Smith]



  1. Good point Mr.Ashram but think about citizens comfort!
    I have something to say also.
    Having infants, kids, elders etc in a vehicle with no tints can be very uncomfortable, Having a light tint to avoid the sun rays won’t do any harm.
    New model vehicles come with 15, 10 and 5% black tint on windows and back windscreen, deal with the factory tints before harassing aftermarket tinting!. I have a old car and i put some tint for my personal use, Police made me strip it off plus leaving them a drink money!
    No tint on front windows are fair enough, back windscreen and back door glasses should at least have a certain percentage of limitation.

    HID Headlamp lights
    As i mentioned above i have a old car, Some roads do not have street lights, streets, dams and alley ways do not have lights, Now the HID lights(WHITE ONLY) give you a better sight on the roadways, it’s better than halogen bulbs and produce a widespread of brightness to the road, Some people have all colour headlights, a campaign should be in placed for various light colors not WHITE LIGHTS.

    NUMBER PLATE NUT LIGHTS, WASHER NOZZLE LIGHTS, FOG LIGHTS & LED LIGHTS, I had to take them off my car because the POLICE are threatening me to impound my vehicle and go to court! NOW WHAT DOES ACCESSORIES HAVE TO DO WITH CRIME? I want the Traffic Officer in the ‘A’ Division to read this, What does our little accessories have to do with crime and bandits, FOCUS ON DARK TINTED VEHICLES, BRIBERY, CRIME AND DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED!

    Thank You!

  2. How yall na sure is the police them who have those heavy tint on them vehicle na know them people and drive away. Yall want start sumthing le all the police them with the 170, 192 and 212 pull off them tint first.

  3. Well I would really like to see this cause the police is turning a blind eye when it comes to tint it has gone so far that even the windscreen is tinted too.

  4. Police and GRA officers vehicles got more tint than private citizens. The President of Guyana has tint and the Ministers too so lets c who get stripped first…. The helpless private citizens…

  5. A good move but knowing the police,people will still pay bribe..The GPF also need to increase they fine for driving under the influence,A HEAVY FINE WILL DETER DRIVERS FROM DRINKING.

  6. I wish I could see the tints removed from the private hire taxis owned my police officers, more so traffic officers, operating at taxi bases around the East Coast Demerara. Most if not all the tinted vehicles driving around the country is either owned by a serving police officer or ex officer, so who will get them to take off their tints? I’M WAITING TO SEE THAT.

  7. Well done! RIP the fog lights off too some are as bright as high beams and it seems like a fashion now in Guyana to drive with fog lights. The Police is competent enough to know which vehicles are factory fitted with them and which are not.


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