Stray Catcher arrested for allegedly selling seized animals



By Kurt Campbell

stray[] – A member of the Ministry of Home Affairs Stray Catching Unit is currently being held by police at the Leonora Police Station for allegedly selling animals which were sized from the roadways.

iNews was reliably informed that the man was arrested on Friday night (June 20) by police after it was reported that he sold several animals, including cows to butchers in Anna Catherina, West Coast Demerara.

Police have reportedly taken statements from several persons reported to have bought the animals. It is alleged that the man has been engaged in the deceitful practice for some time now and could possibly be aided by others.

The Stray Catchers Unit of the Ministry of Home Affairs was set up to remove animals from the roadways. In each part of the country there are Stray Catchers equipped with trucks to carry out their functions.

The Pounds Amendment Bill, which was passed in the National Assembly in April 2010, stipulates a fee of $5000 to be paid to a stray catcher or any other person for every animal he/she takes to the pound. These include horses, ponies, cows, sheep and goats.

Owners of stray animals are charged $10,000 for each animal impounded; half of the money goes to paying the catchers themselves while the other half goes to the upkeep of the impounded animals.

If animals being attended to are impounded, the pound fees are repaid to the owners. In addition, if cattle are impounded and are found to be not branded, the law says the animals will be sold by the government.




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