Stores with ‘no return’ policy violating the law, says CCAC

Dawn Holder-Cush
Dawn Holder-Cush

The Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission (CCAC) is now urging consumers to be alert and not shop at stores with ‘no refunds’ and ‘no return’ signs as this is a violation of the law.

The warning was recently resounded at a Lecture held at Moray House in Georgetown in an effort to better sensitize stakeholders on the Competition and Fair Trade and Consumer Affairs Act.

Director of the Commission, Dawn Holder-Cush said, “If you go to a store and the store has a sign that says ‘no refund’ do not shop there because you got certain places that they have very good policies that you can go to and you won’t get a problem”.

She informed that there is no such policy and it should not be adhered to by customers.

“It doesn’t matter what they say. We have the law which says you can’t do that… (and) that is where the press comes in…to let the people know that ‘no refund’ is illegal,” Holder-Cush informed.

It was further pointed out that all customers should demand a receipt and not purchase at stores which do not issue receipts as it is the only proof of purchase.

A receipt would also be necessary if an item is default and needs to be returned or exchanged and would also be required to make a complaint at the Commission.

Consumer Affairs Officer, Feyona Austin-Paul during the lecture signaled, “We have to be more assertive as consumers because if we demand our rights the supplier will be forced to comply”.

She added that the Commission has been working assiduously to conduct inspections in an effort to address the issue of businesses that do not issue receipts.

In fact over 150 businesses were visited during 2018.

The Director of the Commission chimed in saying, “Sometimes people get carried away with trying to save a few dollars and a store owner would tell you if you don’t pay VAT (Value Added Tax) and you don’t get a receipt you will get it at a lower price and they (consumers) happy”.

She however, stressed the importance of collecting and demanding a receipt because in the event of an issue, the CCAC would not be able to render assistance because there would be no proof of purchase.



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