Stop selling plantain chips & get into manufacturing – Granger tells Berbicians

President David Granger speaking at the opening of New Amsterdam Town Week 2019

In what is considered a complete backpedaling of a his previous advice to young Guyanese, President David Granger has called on Berbicians to stop selling plantain chips at the Berbice River Bridge and get into manufacturing instead.

The Head of State made this statement on Friday (October 18, 2019) in the country’s oldest town as he declared the 2019 New Amsterdam Town Week opened.

In October last year at Rose Hall Town, President Granger had urged young people to create jobs for themselves with the many possibilities available in the region such as selling plantain chips.

The Guyanese leader has been saying that there is scope for Guyana’s growth by selling plantain chips and cook up rice.

However, former President and Economist Bharrat Jagdeo who is the current Opposition Leader has slammed the President’s idea of job creation saying that an economy cannot be run on plantain chips.

A section of the gathering at Friday’s opening of New Amtersdam Town Week

The president had defended his ‘plantain chip economy’ proposal in the past, saying that would just be the start and persons can then expand their businesses.

But now, Head of State is suggesting that persons stop selling plantain chips at the Berbice Bridge and get into manufacturing. He said Region Six (East Corentyne-Berbice) should get more into agro-processing.

“You have the potential, you have the land, you have the expertise, you have the resources. This region has part of the most important ecological, geographical zones. It has the coastlands; it has grasslands in the savannahs; it highlands in the south; it has a hilly, sand and clay zone which produces bauxite…,” he posited.

Region Six, the Head of State went onto say, has become the economic engine of the east of Guyana – a region which is rich in resources and agricultural produce.

“These commodities are produced in abundance. This region is the agricultural heartland of Guyana,” he stated.

An excited lad greeting President Granger in New Amsterdam on Friday

On this note, President Granger proposed a five-point ‘New Amsterdam Plan of Action’ (NAPA) for Urban Revival of the country’s oldest town.

The five components of the plan are to ensure the town becomes a centre of educational excellence offering top-class nursery, primary, secondary and technical vocational education; becomes the Region’s commercial capital; becomes clean and ‘green’; and have transformed infrastructure and expanded public services.

Further zeroing on New Amsterdam and Town Week activities, President Granger said as the Town observes its 128 anniversary as a municipality, it is a time to celebrate the town’s rich history and heritage.