Still no sign of boat with decomposed bodies after hours of searching


After hours of searching today, authorities were still unable to locate the boat with decomposed that was initially sighted on Monday offshore Guyana.

This is according to the Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force Brigadier Godfrey Bess who told INews that a flight conducted a search for about five hours this morning but the boat was not spotted.

Speaking to this publication at around 16:30hrs, the Army Chief said a vessel was offshore continuing the search. At the time, he had no update on whether the boat was sighted.

The boat with dead bodies was first seen Monday at about 112 nautical miles off Guyana’s shore.

A crew from ExxonMobil had informed the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) of the situation.

The bodies were in a badly decomposed state but it was suspected that there were about five to ten persons.

MARAD had asked ExxonMobil to put a tow line and bring the boat to shore but the crew indicated that they had to seek permission.

By 15:00hrs, they received permission to tow the boat to the shore but their efforts proved unsuccessful.

The boat was last sighted at around 17:53hrs on Monday at approximately 83 miles off Guyana’s shore.

Authorities say the boat was drifting in a western direction.

Yesterday, after hours of searching, the boat was not found.

During an emergency press conference last night, officials explained that the weather was bad at sea and there was a possibility that the boat became submerged.