Still no decision on additional work stations for recount


A team from the COVID-19 Task Force, including a virologist, conducted a site visit of the Arthur Chung Conference Centre – the recount venue – to determine the possibility of establishing additional work stations.

While the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) was hoping for on the spot recommendations, the Task Force undertook to provide a report to the Chair Justice Claudette Singh tomorrow.

This was communicated by Public Relations Officer (PRO) Yolanda Ward, who noted that the Task Force might provide some preliminary findings to the Commission later today.

GECOM is considering increasing the number of work stations at the recount venue in a bid to accelerate the process so it can be completed within 25-days.

There are currently 10 work stations and 2,339 ballot boxes to count. At the end of the first week, 311 ballot boxes were counted.

Based on the recommendations of the Task Force, GECOM will decide on the establishment of additional work stations, including how many more can be accommodated and which areas within the facility they can be set up.