Sterling Products rewards successful NGSA students

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), of Sterling Company Limited Mr. Ramsay Ali, and Chief Education Officer, Dr. Marcel Hutson with the awardees.

Sterling Products Ltd. has rewarded 12 children who successfully wrote the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) examination and are preparing to enter secondary school come September.

Each child received a cash award of $60,000 during a small ceremony at Sterling’s Providence office on July 26.

The annual bursary programme has been in place for over two decades.

Addressing the awardees, the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Ramsay Ali said there are continuous improvements on how the children are assisted.

Wishing the children well in their secondary education, the CEO advised them that the next five years of their academic life will be different from what they are used to. He also encouraged them to remain dedicated to their studies.

“I know it’s tough out there but Sterling Products Limited is always here to help. We do spend some amount of money during your children’s tenure at school. For example; we help with special education needs and so on,” he remarked.

Meanwhile, Chief Education Officer, Dr. Marcel Hutson lauded Sterling Products Limited for its roles over the years supporting the development of the education system.

“No institution can do well without the alliance of the community, without community members coming on board…Over the years, Sterling Products Limited would have been contributing in many ways with respect to strengthening the delivery of education and, as Chief Education Officer, I appreciate that kind of practice,” he said.

He told the students, “Regardless of what school you would have gotten, the school doesn’t determine what you will be become…Your life is not determined by your beginnings.”
Instead, determination and sacrifice play a major role in a student’s success.

“Everything boils down to you and how you see yourself and what you want to become in life. Keep focused and … have a vision for your life in mind,” he stated.

Similar sentiments were shared by the Business Development and Quality Assurance Manager, Mr. Robert Ross, who, in wishing the students success in their future, said, “You have five years to prepare yourselves for CXC, CAPE and so on and that still is not the end of it because after CXC and CAPE you still have to go on to other fields and disciplines that specialize.”