STEMGuyana launches TV show on science and engineering for children


Guyanese children across the country will soon enjoy a weekly technology show which will include a local superhero “Robin The Robot” who will work with local STEM club members to build amazing robots while solving mysteries and challenges of Science and Engineering.

STEMGuyana signed a one year agreement with the NCN network to distribute the show and ensure maximum reach for the show and exciting children’s programming for NCN.

“Robin The Robot” is designed to inspire and motivate boys and girls across all ethnicities and social classes in Guyana to strengthen their Science and Engineering knowledge and the hope is that many of them will be fascinated enough to pursue STEM careers.

“All robots have sensors, motors, a brain or central processing unit and some source of power and we want our young viewers to learn this and to master the understanding of this, so they can use imagination and creativity to build on these core concepts”, said STEMGuyana Director, Karen Abrams.

At the beginning of every episode, “Robin The Robot” will declare a mystery / challenge and a mission. Robin will use up energy researching and sharing information about the mission and will need to be re-charged by real life student actors during every episode. The shows will also focus on recharging Robin by reinforcing the fundamentals of Math education. i.e. adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplying whole numbers, decimals and fractions. The first 12 episodes of the show will focus on Science topics from school based curriculum integrated with robot building and other fascinating technology projects.

The “Robin The Robot” show is underwritten by Tullow Oil, and STEMGuyana will continue to identify and engage companies that wish to support STEM education access for children across Guyana by supporting the “Robin the Robot” show with weekly ads.

“We are really privileged to build this project with STEMGuyana in line with previous successful projects. The STEMGuyana Education TV Show hits very well a core target of Tullow Oil’s Shared Prosperity programs. We strongly believe in creating opportunities for young people to open their horizons through science and technology and hope that this new project will be again a very productive move to sustain Guyana’s youth development” said Tullow’s Guyana Country Manager, Joachim Vogt.

The show is targeted to primary and early high school students and is scheduled for Saturdays on NCN from 4:30pm – 5:00pm, the “Robin The Robot” Youtube channel, and on the “Robin The Robot” website at, beginning January 16, 2021.

Children will be able to win fun prizes like tablet computers and robot kits by answering questions after viewing each show. [Press Release]