State not “fully” ready to move ahead with Marcus Bisram’s case


Extradited murder accused; Marcus Bisram reappeared at the Whim Magistrate’s Court but his defense team was told the Prosecution is not fully prepared to move ahead with the case.

The Prosecution came in for much flagging by defense attorney, Sanjeev Datadin following the revelation. Datadin contended that the state had more than two years to prepare their case while the defense was fighting the extradition of his client.

Marcus Bisram (File photo)

The prosecution requested December 28 for the continuation of the matter but Senior Magistrate Alex Moore set December 9 for it to submit all files relating to the matter.

Nevertheless, the matter was transferred to the Springlands Magistrates Court for the next hearing.

The Magistrate told the court that it is his belief that justice being delayed is justice denied and as such, reminded the prosecution that despite someone being arraigned for an offence, there are fundamental rights to a fair and speedy trial.

Bisram was charged for the murder of Faiyaz Narinedatt, a carpenter back in October 2016. Since the accusation was made against him, he was fighting his extradition from the US.

Upon his return about two weeks ago, he was slapped with the murder charge. Five persons were also committed to stand trial in the High Court for the young man’s murder.

It was reported that Bisram allegedly ordered the murder of the young carpenter after he refused to “take on” his sexual advances.