State media top brass deny being asked to resign


By Jomo Paul

L-R: Michael Gordon, Molly Hassan and Neaz Subhan
L-R: Michael Gordon, Molly Hassan and Neaz Subhan

[] – The top brass of several state media organisations have denied that the recently elected APNU+AFC government has asked them to tender their resignation forthwith even as reports continue to circulate.

According to reports in one section of the media, the Head for the Government Information Agency (GINA) Neaz Subhan has resigned and several others are expected to forcefully follow his path including the Chief Executive Officer of NCN Molly Hassan, the Editor in Chief of the Guyana Chronicle Mark Ramotar, and several other high level members of NCN including Senior Editor Edward Layne.

When contacted Subhan confirmed that he has tendered his resignation as of June 03, pointing out that he is required to give his employer 30 days notice hence he will officially leave his post in the new month. It should be noted that Subhan was not asked to resign.

NCN’s CEO was surprised when iNews queried if indeed she was asked to resign.

“Where that came from? I am not aware…I have not had an engagement with the government in terms of my employment with NCN,” said Hassan.

NCN’s Senior Editor Edward Layne expressed similar sentiments indicating that staff of state media has been assured that there will be no witch hunting.

“I don’t know where the journalist got that information from…I have not been asked by anyone in the government to resign. Myself and the other staff have been assured that the government has no intention to witch hunt or mass firing,” said Layne.

Over at the Guyana Chronicle, the sentiments were the same from the CEO Michael Gordon and Editor in Chief, Mark Ramotar.

Ramotar was adamant that “I have never been asked to resign…I don’t know where [they] got that information from,” adding “up to yesterday we had a meeting with Imran Khan and he assured us there would be no witch hunting.”

He said that the media entity that carried the report is attempting to make some amount of mischief out of the matter.

Additionally, Gordon said he has not been told “anything of the sort.” iNews was also reliably informed that Editor in Chief of GINA, Shanta Goberdhan was not asked to resign and is unaware of what the report states.

Meanwhile, Press Liaison Officer for the Ministry of the Presidency Mark Archer when contacted by iNews also denied that the members of state media have been asked to step down from their respective posts.



  1. This is not witch hunting this is called cleaning out house. The government is entitled to do so. These ppl are not professional exhibiting fearless and fair journalism.
    The very act by association has made them culpable, Neaz set up a newspaper in NY to counter KN. Did he not know that the mandate of the ppl takes precedence of that of his paymasters and their wicked deeds. What was the objective of the newspaper?
    He like Saun sam have helped to bleed this country of its financial resources and must be answerable. AT LEAST HE Showed some intelligence by resigning.

  2. The same way they condoned the extravagances and misrule of your beloved PNC!!

    Dr.Jagan was an honourable man that never bothered to prosecute any of the PNC henchmen for the wanton destruction of Guyana,instead he tediously rebuilt Guyana’s economy from scratch with an empty treasury!!

  3. All media operatives at the level of entity heads must be replaced. They aided and abetted the discrimination against opposition parties. They can function in less senior areas and learn how to run a balanced media outfit until such time that the government gets out of the media business.

  4. You call it what you want, as a nation there must be an accounting of misdeeds for us to move on, if not, when, and if, the PPP regains the levers of power the same thing will happen again, unless the PPP evolves. In my 60 odd years on this earth I could never believed that Guyana could sink to such depths of evil and corruption. I am still at a loss as to how some of my fellow Guyanese could still condone some of the misdeeds of the former govt.


  6. Where there is smoke there is fire. The witch hunt has already claimed several victims and there are more to come as the APNU+AFC administration settles in. This is just the beginning.

  7. they all should be asked to resign and they are lucky to still be on the job considering how much they were part of the previous government’s drive to turn state entities into party propaganda instruments.

    note how they all parrot around the word “witch-hunt”. they all suffer from the same delusion that they never did anything wrong and people always try to get at them.

  8. They should all resign from their respective positions, they are all partisan journalists who have no shame.


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