Starr Computers Inc. donates computers to Ptolmey Reid

Two students sample the new computers on Thursday

Starr Computer Inc. on Thursday donated six desktop computers to the information technology (IT) department of the Ptolmey Reid rehabilitation Centre to strengthen its capacity.

Speaking at the handing ceremony, Starr Computer, General Manager Rehman Majeed recalled that the Ptolmey Reid rehabilitation Centre on several occasions requested the assistance.

As such, he realized that importance of contributing to the development and skills of the students and made a decision to donate the computers.

Majeed added that he is “taken back” but impressed with the maintenance of the Ptolmey Reid rehabilitation Centre, Information Technology department.

Starr Computer, General Manager, Rehman Majeed

The six (6) computers donated will greatly impact the implementation of the curriculum, since the children at the rehabilitation Centre usually are taught through the audio and visual method in contrast to the chalk and talk method.

The computer will greatly assist the children in socializing and occupational skills since they will be exposed to the use of programs such as Microsoft office.

Additionally, speech therapy is a huge aspect conducted at the rehabilitation Centre and the computers will expose the students to the use of language through the use of social networks, particularly YouTube.

The members of the Ptolemy Reid rehabilitation Centre have expressed gratitude to the company and highlighted that the donation was a timely one and will greatly assist the children in their everyday work program.

Photo saved as: Adam/ Star computers donates to Ptolmey Reid IT department

Photo caption:  The six desktop computers donated by Star Computers


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