Star Party Rentals opens Berbice branch; more than 20 persons to be employed

Regional Chairman Armogan and a family member of Cush cut the ribbon to the facility


Regional Chairman David Armogan and a family member of Cush cut the ribbon to the facility

Star Party Rentals, a Guyanese-owned company, has now opened a new location in Stanleytown, New Amsterdam, Berbice which will see employment being created for more than twenty persons.

The approximately thirty million dollars’ investment will allow the company to meet the needs of its customers in Berbice at far reduced prices as transportation costs to transport items from Georgetown to the region will be cut out.

Speaking at the opening of the establishment on Saturday, Regional Chairman David Armogan said that the move to bring such an establishment to Region 6 as Guyana continues to battle a health crisis, is indeed a bold move by the company.

He said the region has in the past been trying to have such a service at the scale that Star Party Rentals now provides since the local companies who operate similar businesses, are unable to meet the demand for large tents and other requirements for major events.

The chairman expressed the view that with the investment and the presence of the new establishment, it will bring competition to the delivery of services within the field of party rentals.

The Stanleytown location of Star Party Rentals

Meanwhile, in his brief remarks, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Star party Rentals Lennox Cush said that he was constantly bombarded with calls to extend his operations to the Berbice area.

He admitted that travelling to the region from Georgetown to supply services was both rewarding for his company but also costly to the customers given the distance of sourcing. With the new location now in operation, costs will be reduced.

The proprietor related that he got into the party rental business after he suffered injuries while playing cricket for Guyana abroad and knew that his injury would affect both his team and his performance so he needed to transition.

He thanked his “good friend and father figure” Looknauth Persaud whom he said was very instrumental in providing guidance and support to start the business.