Stakeholders to refine draft Disaster Risk Management Legislation


National Stakeholders are meeting in a special workshop today and tomorrow to refine Guyana’s draft Disaster Risk Management legislation at the Civil Defence Commission’s (CDC) headquarters on Thomas Lands.

CDC, Director General, Retired Colonel Chabilall Ramsarup said the legislation will give the CDC the teeth it lacks. It was with this in mind that he urged participants to be as frank as possible.

Consultant draftswoman Judy Daniels explained to stakeholders that legislation is always a work in progress but her goal was to present a living bill.

And speaking on draft Bill the IDB’s lead specialist on Disaster Risk Management, Dr. Cassandra Rogers, said it should focus more on reducing vulnerability rather than what was done traditionally of preparing and responding to disasters.

She also noted that while Guyana has made strides there is still a long way to go.

The need for more work to be done in the area of managing financing disaster risk was also highlighted by Dr Rogers.

The draft Bill is presented in 10 parts and this was how stakeholders are expected to consider it during the two day event. This piece of legislation also forms part of the regional strategy for disaster risk management. [Delicia Fletcher]



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