St. Stanislaus College maintains top performance among secondary schools in Guyana


St. Stanislaus College has maintained its performance as being among “the top” secondary schools in Guyana during the recent CSEC and CAPE exams.

The school recorded a 100% pass grades [One to Three] in 21 subjects of the 28 offered at the CSEC level.

Most noticeable are the performances of Kayla December who secured 13 Grade Ones and one Grade Two; Meshach Jordon with 11 Grade Ones; Nathon Brasse with 10 Grade Ones and Dafina Nials with (10 Grade Ones, two) Grade Twos and one Grade Three.

“The diligence of these students and their parents’ involvement in their academic journey have certainly been compensated,” the school said in a statement.

Exhilarated at the performance of the students at this year’s CSEC examination, Chairman of the School Board, Mr. Chris Fernandes, said he has certainly seen the reward from the introduction of the ‘Back to Basics’ Programme in 2014, the dedication of the hard-working staff, the involvement of The Board and Alumni Associations, the diligence of students and the commitment of the parents.

The College has also seen an outstanding performance at the CAPE examination with a pass rate of 76% Grades One to Three.

Securing a 100% percent pass in ten of the 29 subjects offered at the College: – Environmental Science Unit 1, Environmental Science Unit 2, Geography Unit 1, Geography Unit 2, Digital Media Unit1, Entrepreneurship Unit 1, Entrepreneurship Unit 2, Physics Unit 2, Sociology Unit 1, Tourism Unit 1. Approximately ninety (90) percent of the students attained passes in Biology Unit 1, Biology Unit 2, Caribbean Studies and Pure Math Unit 2.

Sherlock Langevine is crowned the overall Top performer for CAPE with a combined total of 11Ones, six Twos and one Three. Noteworthy performance in CAPE Unit One was captured by Abdul Subhan who attained six Ones and two Twos while Sherlock took the spotlight in Unit Two with eight Ones, five  Twos and one Three followed by Shanique Paulsingh with five Ones, two Twos and one Three.

The Chairman of the Board of Governors said he is appreciative of the dedication of the staff, members of the Alumni Associations, the Parent Teachers’ Association as well as the commitment of the students and parents who worked together to make the dreams of the College realized while ensuring that the motto of the College is etched into the lives of its students as they continue their journey away from St. Stanislaus College.