St Joseph Mercy Hospital receives ISO certification


At a time when it is celebrating its 76th anniversary, the St Joseph Mercy Hospital has achieved its ISO certification, a remarkable feat for the medical institution as it continues to improve its services.

During a simple but yet auspicious press briefing today the St Joseph Mercy Hospital announced that it acquired the IOS 9001:2015, the international standard for a quality management system.

This certificate was acquired through Global Compliance Service (GCS), an international ISO certification body & registrar.

Chief Executive Officer of GCS, Candelle Bostwick congratulated the hospital on its certification while stating what it entails for customers.

“[This] standard is one that is based on providing accurate, reliable and consistent quality of service to the customers and this case, in the St Joseph Mercy Hospital, their scope includes the delivery patient care services and all of the service provided by this health care institution.”

“What the certification means to St Joseph Mercy Hospital and its mercy resident care service is that customers can now expect or continue to expect improved quality in delivery of their services and that they have a system to ensure that the customers requirement are met,” Bostwick explained.

She further highlighted that with the advancement of Guyana’s oil & gas sector in full swing, and international investors swarming the country’s shores, the level of health care services those investors are accustomed to and can rely on will be expected.

Chief Executive Officer of the St Joseph Mercy Hospital, Enock Gaskin, stated that the hospital is committed to the standardization and documentation of what they do, therefore being able to acquire certification amid a global pandemic.

Meanwhile, Carlton Joao, Chairman of the St Joseph Mercy Hospital, relished in the fact that the hospital would have received standardization and made note of the fact that a cultural change was necessary in acquiring such.

In addition to their certification, the hospital boasts of 100% Covid-19 vaccination among staff members.