Spurned lover douses ex with corrosive liquid

Williamson and D’Yonge in happier times

…was clad in female attire throughout the ordeal

Police are now hunting for 34-year-old Alfred D’Yonge after he doused his ex-lover with a corrosive liquid on Thursday evening in Berbice.

Wanted: Alfred D’Yonge

According to reports, the incident occurred at approximately 21:00hrs at Peter D’guiar Street, New Amsterdam when 26-year-old Shondell Williamson was returning to her lot  13 Main Street New Amsterdam home after work.

The injured woman who is presently being treated at the New Amsterdam Hospital told police that she separated from D’Yonge for only a short period of time, but had endured years of being abused by him. She had two children with him.

She recalled that she received a call from the man, who she had assumed was in Linden, and he requested to speak to his two children. However, since she was only then returning home, she asked him to call back.

On his third phone call, Williamson said that she was now entering the house and asked him to hold on as she opened the door.

It was then that she noticed D’Yonge approaching her, dressed in women’s attire and holding a bottle and a bowl in his hands.

The young mother stated that before she could react, he threw the substance into her face and then emptied part of the bottle’s contents into the bowl and again doused the woman from her head.

Due to the burning sensation, Williamson quickly raised an alarm. However, the man was already in the process of fleeing. He then broke the bottle on the gate, before jumping into a waiting motorcar.

Speculations are that D’Yonge was hiding behind the two storied home that Williamson shared with a friend, waiting to attack.

Williamson and D’Yonge when they were a couple

Inews also understands that in December, Williamson had taken her children to visit their father in Linden and when she wanted to leave, the man thwarted her exit.

According to a close relative, on that occasion, D’Yonge choked her until she lost consciousness . The relative said Williamson’s eldest son, in tears, pleaded with his mother not to put his father behind bars, and she agreed to comply if he would let her go.

However, despite agreeing to the offer, the jealous man reportedly vowed that if he could not get her, then no one else could.

The suspect at one time operated a car wash in New Amsterdam but moved to Linden and continued a similar business at Amelia’s Ward.


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